Status Quo Ante Lounge

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Status Quo Ante Lounge brings some class back to Brooklyn with this sexy, contemporary venue. Black brick walls and an onyx bar set the minimalistically modern scene. Cocktails and beautifully decorated plates are served up to a well-dressed crowd along with a tasty mix of DJ spun music.

Status Quo Ante Lounge
2524 Coney Island Ave
Brooklyn NY 11223
P: (718) 998-8811

Type of Place: Lounge, Night Clubs
Type of Place: Cafe/ Restaurant

Message from the Owners

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April 29, 2012. Posted By

Please be aware!!! we wanted to celebrate a birthday party with our friends and family. Chosing to celebrate it at Status Quo Ante was the biggest mistake we made. If you ever plan to celebrate it at this place please be cautious. First of all the menu discussed prior to the party was not served to the table. The dishes that were served were small and certainly did not accommodate the number of people that were sitting at the table. Table of 6 was served to feed 3 people and we were promised 6 courses but were served 4. The meat platter was suppose to have skirts steak that was never served. The service was terrible. waiters did not walk around the tables and alcohol that was suppose to be included in the cover charge per person was not offered to the guests. We were also promised live music but it never happened not to mention that we had a private party, however that was not done either. There were quite a few strangers at our party. At the end of the evening we were very disappointed with everything food, music and service. And then when the bill was presented there was $500 overcharge. But we did not pay the overcharge. So to end the night we ended up arguing with the owner who is the most obnoxious man i have ever met. He was cursing almost threw punches at us and then disappeared somewhere probably because he weighs 100 pound and can be broken in half by any 10 year old girl. I have been to all the lounges in Brooklyn but i have never received such bad service and was never so disappointed. If was a disaster and nightmare in all aspects if you don't want to ruin your night out relaxing do not go to this place. if you don't want to be embarrassed in front of you friends and family do not plan any events at this hell hole. This was the first time me going to this place and certainly the last. I doubt they will be in business for long. With great places all over the city a place with bad service, bad food, and bad music and obnoxious people who run it will not survive for to long. Definitely don't recommend this place to anyone. You will regret going there!!!!

January 21, 2012. Posted By Marinka 1894

We went to Status Quo to celebrate a friend's birthday. Me and my husband were a little late so everyone else was already there. I went in while he stayed outside to finish his cigarette. A few minutes later he calls me to tell me that they aren't letting him in. I go to the door to talk to the bouncer. The bouncer tells me "I don't like the way he looks"... my husband was wearing jeans a nice shirt and black shoes. So I ask the bouncer specifically what he doesn't like He says "look at him"... WTF I'm not asking him to date my husband! So after a few more minutes of pointless conversation he tells me that he knows his job and pretty much to go shove it... one of the people in the party knows someone who knows the owner, so after the owner is called they let him in. The place is pretty, the DJ was good, however the music was too loud for a place without a real dance floor. The place was pretty empty out of the 10 tables 3 were occupied. Once we sat down and managed to order our drinks we waited for 1 hour before we got them, and an hour and a half for my hubby who wanted something that wasn't standard (the waiter forgot 3 times!). The food took forever with dishes coming out randomly (appetizers after main course), and one friend got her food and appetizer after everyone was done and we got the check. The food was decent, but nothing special, that is until the food poisoning half the party is currently experiencing. Oh and they tried to charge us for extra drinks we didn't have. Needless to say we aren't coming back.
The place has potential the owner just has to get all new staff minus the DJ...

October 29, 2011. Posted By Bogdana Shumska

Cool place=)

August 21, 2010. Posted By Dmitriy Irinev

Nice to sit outside!!!!