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Old Stone House of Brooklyn

336 3rd St
Brooklyn NY 11215

The Old Stone House

is a modern reconstruction of the Vechte-Cortelyou House, a 1699 Dutch stone farmhouse with important ties to American history.

Today, the Old Stone House is operated as a historic interpretive center dedicated to its crucial role in the American Revolution and in the evolving histories of Brooklyn, New York and the United States.

The Old Stone House serves as a dynamic community resource through its education programs and events. In addition to historical exhibits open to the public, the House is available by appointment for tours, classes and rentals.

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80 Hanson Pl
Brooklyn NY 11217

MoCADA is devoted to utilizing the visual arts as a medium to address, discuss, debate and resolve contemporary social, political and economic issues that disproportionately affect the people of the African diaspora through the creation of innovative exhibitions, public programs, community outreach initiatives and educational interactive tours. The experiences and cultural contributions of people of African descent have been grossly marginalized throughout history. Our mission is to undertake the responsibility of rewriting this history in order to give a more accurate portrayal of contributions to the historical, artistic and cultural landscape of the world by people of African descent.

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Greenpoint Moniter Museum

1101 Lorimer St
Brooklyn NY 11222

Founded in 1996 One of the goals of the Museum is to establish its
home on the shores of
Greenpoint, Brooklyn, where the
U.S.S. Monitor was built.

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Enrico Caruso Museum-America

1942 E 19th St
Brooklyn NY 11229

Thousands of people have enjoyed visiting the museum to see the memorabilia including rare family photos of the Caruso family, books, records and letters, clothing - shoes, ties, pipes, a bust and the death mask of Enrico Caruso. A popular attraction in the museum is the 20 seat mini theater built by Cav. Uff. Mancusi, with chairs and décor from the Old Met donated by famed soprano Licia Albanese and Rosa Ponselle friends and historians Enrico Aloi and Joseph Puglisi. There are films of Caruso’s life and times including his silent film, My Cousin, with him playing a dual role. These items were obtained through donations as well as purchased for display by the museum. Caruso family members have also visited, a prestigious honor for the Enrico Caruso Museum of America.

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New York Transit Museum

130 Livingston St
Brooklyn NY 11201

The New York Transit Museum, one of the city's leading cultural institutions is the largest museum in the United States devoted to urban public transportation history, and one of the premier institutions of its kind in the world. The Museum explores the development of the greater New York Metropolitan region through the presentations of exhibitions, tours, educational programs, and workshops dealing with the cultural, social, and technological history of public transportation. Since it's inception over a quarter century ago, the Museum, housed in a historic 1936 IND subway station in Brooklyn Heights, has grown in scope and popularity. As custodian and interpreter of the region's extensive public transportation networks, the Museum strives to share, through its public programs, this rich and vibrant history with local, regional, and international audiences.

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Doll/Toy Museum-New York City

157 Montague St
Brooklyn NY 11201

Two Centuries of Wonder
seen through a child's eyes!

The Wonder of Childhood captured in over 1,000 dolls dating back to 1843 in an historic setting.

Collectors and doll and toy enthusiasts will revel in the magnificent and extensive displays of dolls and toys of the 19th and 20 century.

Take a self guided tour & visit with owner and curator Carolyn Bakarich as you enjoy, remember, and take yourself back to those years when you saw life through the eyes of a child.

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Brooklyn Historical Society

128 Pierrepont St
Brooklyn NY 11201

The Brooklyn Historical Society connects the past to the present and makes the vibrant history of Brooklyn tangible, relevant and meaningful for today's diverse communities, and for generations to come.
Founded in 1863, the Brooklyn Historical Society is a nationally recognized urban history center dedicated to preserving and encouraging the study of Brooklyn's extraordinary 400-year history. Located in Brooklyn Heights and housed in a magnificent landmark building designed by George Post and opened in 1881, today's BHS is a cultural hub for civic dialogue, thoughtful engagement and community outreach

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Harbor Defense Museum

Sheridan Loop
Brooklyn NY 11209

Nestled within the heart of Fort Hamilton in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn—the Harbor Defense Museum’s mission is to preserve the history and evolution of New York City’s coastal defense systems. As the only Army Museum in New York City, the Harbor Defense Museum has acquired a fine collection of military artifacts from the Revolutionary War to World War II. Come explore new exhibits on the Battle of Brooklyn or learn how to load and fire a 19th century cannon.

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Jewish Children's Museum

792 Eastern Pkwy
Brooklyn NY 11213

The Jewish Children’s Museum provides exhibitions and programs for all children in an educational and entertaining format. Through contemporary technology and a hands-on approach to learning, visitors experience Jewish history, values and traditions in a manner that inspires an increased interest in Jewish culture. Primarily, the Museum serves elementary school-age children and their families, and is a resource and model, nationally and internationally, for interactive education on Jewish themes.

The Museum is a setting for children of all faiths and backgrounds to gain a positive perspective and awareness of the Jewish heritage, fostering tolerance and understanding.

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Coney Island Museum

1208 Surf Ave
Brooklyn NY 11224

Coney Island USA is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation based in the amusement park area of the Coney Island neighborhood of Brooklyn New York. In existence since 1980, Coney Island USA has developed and produces a number of different programs including some of New York City’s best loved summer programming, such as the Mermaid Parade and the Coney Island Circus Sideshow. Coney Island USA also operates the Coney Island Museum and produces Ask the Experts, Burlesque at the Beach, the Coney Island Tattoo and Motorcycle Festival, Creepshow at the Freakshow, and the Coney Island Sideshow School. Coney Island USA also produces the Coney Island Film Society and the Coney Island Film Festival in association with