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Traktir O

86 Avenue O
Brooklyn NY 11204

"Traktir" comes from latin "tracto" ,which means "treating with food" . In Tzar times and post-revolution Russia "Traktirs" were a common trend . In medieval Europe traveling folk would often stop by for a meal at eateries of a "Traktir" type . Inspired , we decided to link history with present times!

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The Empire Hotel Rooftop Bar & Lounge

44 W 63rd St
New York NY 10023

"A rooftop haven with stunning views."

Located on the 12th floor of the Empire Hotel, The Empire Hotel Rooftop Bar & Lounge offers magnificent views of Lincoln Center as well as the Broadway & Columbus Avenue gateway to Manhattan's Upper West Side.

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La Pomme

37 W 26th St
New York NY 10010

La Pomme, or ‘the apple’ in French, is the proverbial forbidden fruit: pure and simple, but with an underlying element of sensuality and taboo. Located at 37 West 26th Street in the heart of Chelsea, La Pomme event space brings the diverse contextual meanings of its name to life in a space that is at once streamlined and subversive, wide-eyed but wicked. This 3,500 square foot venue combines high-style design and grand décor with "Fellini-esque” elements of debaucherous mystery to create an imaginative and raucous metropolitan escape.

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88 9th Ave
New York NY 10011

The HIRO BALLROOM is home to 20’ barrel vaulted ceilings, giant paper lanterns and one of the most unique atmospheres in the city.

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Sullivan Hall

214 Sullivan St
New York NY 10012

Sullivan Hall is a 345 capacity music and event venue located in Greenwich Village in downtown Manhattan near the New York University community.

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915 Broadway
New York NY 10010

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609 W 29th St
New York NY 10001

Improving upon the former Ruby Falls space, AMNESIA Nightclub has
brought NYC back to life.

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Tea Lounge

837 Union St
Brooklyn NY 11217

The Tea Lounge has been serving Park Slope for 10 years. What started out as a small coffee and tea shop has quickly grown into a neighborhood hub.

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Anyway Cafe - Manhattan

34 E 2nd St
New York NY 10003

When you've got the jones for some vodka and caviar but don't have enough bread for the high-end joints on this list, the French/Russian Anyway Cafe is your place. Salmon … or osetra caviar is served in the traditional fashion, with crepes and crème fraîche, and the vodka comes several different ways as well. Order a small or large carafe (go for the large) of regular vodka or vodka infused with chili pepper, horseradish, dill, blueberry, mango, lychee, coconut, or a bunch of other stuff. Boozy, fishy heaven in the East Village

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Studio 54

254 W 54th St
New York NY 10019

Studio 54 - The classic club is open again: for special events and private parties. But if you are invited to one of the events, check it out for a haunting reminder of what once was...