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Traktir O

86 Avenue O
Brooklyn NY 11204

"Traktir" comes from latin "tracto" ,which means "treating with food" . In Tzar times and post-revolution Russia "Traktirs" were a common trend . In medieval Europe traveling folk would often stop by for a meal at eateries of a "Traktir" type . Inspired , we decided to link history with present times!

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The Empire Hotel Rooftop Bar & Lounge

44 W 63rd St
New York NY 10023

"A rooftop haven with stunning views."

Located on the 12th floor of the Empire Hotel, The Empire Hotel Rooftop Bar & Lounge offers magnificent views of Lincoln Center as well as the Broadway & Columbus Avenue gateway to Manhattan's Upper West Side.

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Get Fresh Table and Market‎

370 5th Ave
Brooklyn NY 11215

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Tea Lounge

837 Union St
Brooklyn NY 11217

The Tea Lounge has been serving Park Slope for 10 years. What started out as a small coffee and tea shop has quickly grown into a neighborhood hub.

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Russian Samovar Restaurant

256 W 52nd St
New York NY 10019

Go to Russian Samovar on a night when there’s a performance going on—upstairs, there’s a fine reading series. The samovar-shaped lamps have gold mesh shades that grow more gorgeous as you down shots of the house-infused vodkas. But if the upstairs seems like czarist Russia (circa 1860), then the lower level must be Soviet Russia (circa 1960). A mix of less-than-thrilling smoked fish, herring, caviar and blini didn’t warrant the majestic $75 price, and only chopped dill lent the chicken soup any flavor. Stick with sweets—like the Kiev cake and Natasha’s apple pie, accompanied by beautifully served tea and cherry preserves.

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Caviar Russe

538 Madison Ave
New York NY 10022

Located on Madison Avenue in mid-town MANHATTAN, we maintain our reputation as the premier supplier to the nation's top chefs by offering the finest caviar available, directly sourced and hand selected from each catch. Whether you are joining us for lunch, dinner or brunch, you will definitely be pleased with the great views of Madison Ave. and excellent service, making your dining experience at Caviar Russe one that won't be forgotten. Our menu has a wide selection of caviar, seafood, fishes, beef and game that will leave you satisfied.

We also offer a wide range of off-premise entertaining options, from intimate dinner parties to gala celebrations. We provide everything from simple, drop-off formats to complete event design, in which we can arrange for all facets of your gathering, including equipment rentals, service staff and bar set up.

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Anyway Cafe - Manhattan

34 E 2nd St
New York NY 10003

When you've got the jones for some vodka and caviar but don't have enough bread for the high-end joints on this list, the French/Russian Anyway Cafe is your place. Salmon … or osetra caviar is served in the traditional fashion, with crepes and crème fraîche, and the vodka comes several different ways as well. Order a small or large carafe (go for the large) of regular vodka or vodka infused with chili pepper, horseradish, dill, blueberry, mango, lychee, coconut, or a bunch of other stuff. Boozy, fishy heaven in the East Village

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Uncle Vanya

315 W 54th St
New York NY 10019

User Review: Uncle Vanya's is really cozy and a great place for an intimate drink with a date or a fun time with friends. The food is really good and it just seems like I meet yet another friendly New Yorker every time I go. I'm really glad there is still a place like this in NYC. It seems like there are way too many up-tight bars/restaurants popping up all over this island. THIS is NOT one of those places! I'll definitely be back soon...

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Quhnia Restaurant and Bar

45 E 1st St
New York NY 10003

Mix of Eastern European flavors including eclectic house specialties served in quaint East Village restaurant alongside homemade vodkas.

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Mari Vanna

41 E 20th St
New York NY 10010

Dripping in crystals, tchotchkes and china dolls, the ornate decor at this restaurant and bar is reminiscent of the sitting room in your Russian grandmother’s delicately furnished Upper East Side apartment. Despite its Russian roots, the bar seems to specialize more in $15 fruit-infused cocktails than double vodkas on the rocks. Although undeniably gimmicky, the details (comfy high-back bar stools and intimate lighting) provide a certain coziness that permeates the space, making it a worthwhile stop to catch up with close friends or a budding love interest.