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New Cats Cafe

2027 Emmons Ave
Brooklyn NY 11235

New Cats Café located in the heart of Emmons Ave has a lot to offer to everyone. Its cozy and at the same time sophisticated atmosphere attracts customers from different backgrounds who want to experience the joy and treat themselves with an exclusive French cuisine.

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Heaven Nights Lounge

1915 Coney Island Ave
Brooklyn NY 11230

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1814 Coney Island Ave
Brooklyn NY 11230

Passion boasts an ambiance that is unparalleled to any other Brooklyn nightclub. The unrivaled size and chic decor will be sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone.

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Club Avion

1949 McDonald Ave
Brooklyn NY 11223

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Anyway Cafe Manhattan Beach

111 Oriental Blvd
Brooklyn NY 11235

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2670 Coney Island Ave
Brooklyn NY 11235

Since 1992 we provide New Yorkers with dining, catering and entertainment experience that earned us a mark of excellence. From our superb Russian/French inspired dining menus to our one of a kind Las Vegas – style Show and dancing to a Top-40 tunes played by live band till 3 am, everything in Rasputin is over the top.

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Anyway Cafe

1602 Gravesend Neck Rd
Brooklyn NY 11229

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2009 Emmons Ave
Brooklyn NY 11235

Fusion Club presents its patrons with the ultimate dining and lounge experience. Located in the heart of Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, Fusion has established itself as a nightlife Mecca.
Fusion Club is devoted to providing guests with many aspects of hospitality, from the diverse interior to the finest menu, to an experienced staff.

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2235 65th St
Brooklyn NY 11204

Music, drinks, shows, food, and excellent service make us one of the finest lounges in New York. A mix of Elegance and a dash of modern design make Lounge Casanova an enjoyable place to relax and enjoy the night with friends and loved ones.

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Pacha NYC

618 W 46th St
New York NY 10036

Pacha New York has become not only the premier club venue in NYC, but one of the foremost nightlife destinations in the world.
The 30,000-square-foot venue is split into four levels, each with its own character and customized decor, and each accessible and operable individually.
Founded by artist Richardo Urgell in 1976. The word Pacha means "The King's Life
Today, there are Pachas in 25 cities - including Marrakesh, Budapest, and Rio de Janeiro - with the venue on a party island Ibiza serving as crown jewel, attracting the world's best DJs and most glamorous A-listers.